How To Study To Become An F1 Sports Racer?

Straight from the off, you have to be very young to prepare yourself to become an F1 racer, so if you are over the age of 15 and you are not already racing cars on real racing tracks, then it is unlikely that you will become an F1 racer. You also have to remember that out of all the racers in the world, only a select few ever make it to the world’s most well-paid car racing tracks of F1 supercars.


For anyone younger than 15 years old, go-karting championships for your age group is a great place to start. I know it sounds simplistic, but if you are regularly racing small go-karts and winning your races comfortably, then you are on your way. Having an understanding of how to take corners and when to accelerate on certain parts of the track takes both natural ability as well as some hard work.

To be the best you need to study like the best. That means even in something as simple as a go-kart track in your local or regional championship races, you should be studying every corner and straight on the track. F1 racers may have raced a certain track numerous times, but that doesn’t mean that when the next race comes up on F1 circuit the drivers do not bother studying the track again despite already having a sound knowledge of the track.

A lot of the training involved is memory training. Being able to remember every corner and every straight. How to come out of the corner and shave off split seconds and how fats you should accelerate on the straights all need to be drummed into the brain of any racer. The same applies to nearly every form of racing out there. To be the best, you need to not only be a good racer, but you also need to have a good memory and a lot of discipline.

Fitness is another very important and often overlooked requirement when you are setting your sights on high-speed racing. Anyone rising up the ranks to become an F1 racer needs to be extremely fit. The races can go on for hours and being overweight or having an out of condition body will not only have a negative on a racer’s concentration but also their memory and ability to make decisions.

Decision making is very important because no racer becomes number one without being able to determine when the right and wrong times are to overtake the person in front of you. We have seen numerous races won after the winner waited and timed their overtaking maneuvers to perfection.

Of course, you should always watch other racers and analyze how they race. You will need to start looking for f1 streaming free websites where you can download the races. In fact, even in your own races, you should have someone recording the race.

Drones are a great way to record races as well as a GoPro on your own vehicle. Using the data you collect plus watching pro racers in action from downloads on free streaming websites will become an invaluable part of your study to become an F1 racer. You can speed up and slow down the race in order to study exactly how the racer acted in certain situations and how they take certain corners on tracks to give themselves those extra few seconds.

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