Vintage Baseball Back

Vintage Baseball jerseys bring back the retro style of yesteryear of our beloved retro teams of yesterday. Whether it’s a New York Yankees or Los Angeles Dodgers, the best place to find vintage baseballs is online. The internet has opened up a whole new world for collectors and fans who love vintage baseballs. Whether you are looking for a throwback jersey for yourself or as a gift for another fan, there are some fantastic options online.

Originally from the classic baseball of yesterday, the Polo Grounds style of Vintage MLB jersey has a nice knob and a bold labeling. This jersey was also made by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Choose from either a v-neck or two-button styles in adult and youth sizes. Large sizes available.

A nice baseball classic from the decade of the 1950’s is the Polo Grounds vintage Wheatley. This is a crisp clean baseball style with a nice zipper front and open collar. Comes with authentic throwback Polo Grounds tags and an authentic base. Made from high quality acrylics, this piece is in great condition. Adult size and smaller sizes available.

The Polo Grounds vintage rookie card is another awesome vintage for those in search of a great baseball uniforms for your collection. This card is one of a kind and features a famous photograph of Joe DiMaggio with his famous teammates. This rookie card has four seasons and is autographed by many notable personalities of that era including Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Joe DiMaggio. Major League Baseball will print this autograph on its baseball league schedule and all home baseball game programs will include this classic photo. Smaller sizes available.

An American League Baseball autograph collection is also available. American League Baseball autographs are extremely rare and this particular style is very popular with collectors. This piece is signed by several prominent players from this era including Lou Gehrig and Lou Brocksky. It has a clean and heavy base and is a nice condition. Adult and smaller sizes available.

Augselton baseball cards are a beautiful addition to any baseball collection. Many of these older AUGS are signed by unknown manufacturers. However, a few of these have been autographed by several famous players. A vintage of this type is a great investment that will bring value for decades to come. Smaller sizes and an excellent condition.

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