High Beech Riding School – Flat Horse Riding Lessons

Horses are among the noblest animals, and horse riding is truly an exquisite, wonderful experience. Of course, since we’re living in a modern, technologically advanced time, most people have their minds set on more approachable hobbies, such as watching TV, for example. Others simply think that horse riding lessons are either not all too available or too expensive.


Well, if you’re even remotely interested in horse riding for beginners, you might want to pay High Beech Riding School a visit.

Simply put, this is a Horse Riding school for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner, if you have some actual experience, or if you’re simply someone who wants to give it a shot, this is a place where there’s something for you.

Here you will find professional horse riding instructors led by the Chief instructor Louise Pateman – these folks will help you learn the ropes, and then some.

Apart from beginner and advanced horse riding lessons, there’s a plethora of other services you can indulge in, including taster sessions, children’s party games on horseback, pony rides, team building activities, lunge lessons, and more.

The point of the matter is that horse riding is a very fun, and not overly expensive hobby. With so many things to do, you’re sure and welcome to come as many times as you’d like. What’s more, there are separate sessions for individuals and groups.

Of course, you could always come on your own and give some horse riding a go, but it might be even more fun to bring a couple of friends and enjoy these activities together.  There are plenty of benefits to be had if you enrol for horse riding practices either semi-private or in group.

The term semi-private here relates to a special form of group – basically, you will be having your lessons with other people who have enlisted for them. The price for this kind of lessons is significantly reduced in comparison to ‘private lessons’ type.

As for the ‘group’ lessons, you can bring several friends and partake in one of the most fun experiences in the world. This way, you’ll be able to save up quite a lot of cash, as this type of horse riding lessons is, among the three, the most affordable one.

Lastly, children are welcome too. Of course, the same benefits of reduced costs applied in this case as well, meaning that private horse riding lessons are the most expensive (although still rather cheap generally), semi-private lessons are somewhat cheaper, and group lessons are the most affordable.

Certain types of horse riding lessons for children are universally priced, stating that ‘supplements apply’. This means that the price is 10 pounds per hour per person. This is practically a bargain, so if your little princess (or prince) ever wanted to ride a pony or gallop throughout the countryside, this is definitely an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. The High Beech Riding School welcomes and awaits you.

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