How To Watch NBA Live And Free

The NBA is one of the most watched sports in the USA and is also extremely popular around the world as well. Now, as you know, watching the NBA is not always easy unless you have a subscription with a provider that is licensed to broadcast it – which means for the rest of us, we’re going to miss out.

Or are we?

Well, what if we were to tell you that you can watch BA live action from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device? Many of you will already know that there are streams available that you can watch online at popular sites and NBA streaming is just one of many sports that you’ll be able to watch for free.

What Are These Sites?

We do not want to advertise any of these sites ourselves as they are hardly operating within the law but if you were to do your own homework online, it would not take you long to find an NBA live stream for free. If you do go looking though, beware as there are plenty of scam sites out there that will ask money for their services when in reality, there are plenty of places where you can get equal quality streams without having to pay any money.

Are Streams Safe to Use?

Well, you always have to be careful when browsing the net and this is also the case with streaming sites. You really should have your firewall and antivirus turned on at all times while you should always tread carefully as well.

In terms of protecting your privacy and the fact that you’re watching illegal streams, the only way you can watch NBA online anonymously is to use a VPN. A virtual private network will give you the ability to connect to another server before then using it to connect to the internet and the stream you wish to watch.

With a VPN your ‘real’ IP address cannot be detected by anyone including that of websites or government agencies while even your own ISP will only know that you have connected to a VPN and will not know what you’re doing past that point.

Learn About the Best VPNs

No VPN is the same so it is vital that you do some research on them and read reviews at sites like  Some will perform better than others while others will be cheaper or have better features. You will even find some that are free to use but in our experience, these do not always give you much in terms of bandwidth and will be capped on a weekly or monthly basis.

Whether you decide to use a VPN or not is up to you but if you do value a little bit more privacy and an increase in security, we strongly recommend that you consider using one. They are not even expensive usually so are more than worth the cost if you plan on using it regularly.

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