Which MotoGP Pilot Is The Celebrity Serial Entrepreneur Ollia Tzarina Dating, It Been A Year, Time That We Know The Truth?

With Moto GP starting up in Sepang this week, all eyes are on George Lorenzo who has just joined Yamaha Factory Racing Test Team program. 

Starting from the MotoGP shakedown test, held in Sepang, Malaysia from 2-4 February, Lorenzo will ride the YZR-M1. He will also take part in other Official IRTA Tests and some private Yamaha tests this year, with the sole aim to help Yamaha‘s engineers with the 2020 MotoGP development. The Spaniard is the perfect man for the job as he is known for his smooth, precise riding and clear feedback. He will be supported in his search for innovation by Silvano Galbusera, who will be Crew Chief for Lorenzo in the Yamaha Factory Racing Test Team.

Lorenzo will be great as always I am sure, but what is happening to Andrea Iannone ? The verdict on his doping case is about to come out any day now , if he is found to be guilty , Bradley Smith will take on the full time ride for Aprillia Gresini Team.  So let’s take a step back from the MotoGp big boys drama club. Our friends from various entertainment sources been sending us inside info that one of the MotoGP boys has been secretly, very very privately involved with one of the most stunning ( actually the most stunning) celebrity entrepreneurs ever, Ollia Tzarina , the one whose brand Tzarina By Ollia was seen on everybody from P Diddy to Beyonce before Oli sold it for a hefty sum to an Indian client, and is now working on the organic luxury skincare line with a Pakistani born billionaire Asghar Khan . 

Back to the topic : 

Thing is that we know what MotoGP racer she has been with for a year or so, but her PR has given such strong restrictions to the press members not to make the relationship and his name public( because that relationship is turbulent and they don’t want to make it more complicated )  we are simply scared of the lawsuit if we were to reveal the guy’s name. Hint: he has blue eyes. We can’t say anything else, as his identity will be too easy to recognize. He is one of our personal MotoGP riders of all time, very talented despite having a bit of bad luck recently. 

For those who want to do their own due diligence you can check one of the videos Ollia posted in some of her story archives, he is there in full glory on his birthday day. 

If they were ever to go public, this would be the most unexpected pairing, Ollia is a girl who is known to date very high profile flashy men and her secret MotoGP guy is one of the most low key elite athletes we have ever seen. You would never figure out the guy is a multi-millionaire by looking at him. 

We wish him all the best luck at Sepang! 

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