Why Tennis Court Resurfacing Is Important

Tennis court resurfacing is done to make the court more attractive and safe to play on. A proper repair and maintenance of a court make the game even greater. By enhancing the beauty of the game, the surface has great effects on the bounce of the ball, the stamina of the player and clear edges and marking. To that effect we can conclude that it is important to regularly repair and maintain the court. The standard of a court is judged with the maintenance done which is evident from the look of the court.


Below we are going to see the factors that make resurfacing important to the player and to the game.


It is safer to play on a court that is clear of any cracks and peeling. For instance cracks formed on the concrete surface of the court , pose a great risk for play to get injured while playing. Safety comes first for any kind of game and should be taken into consideration.

Similarly when we keep the court clean the chances of accidents are minimized. However cleanliness does not only apply in the court but also all around the court.

When conducting a resurfacing safety should be a top priority.

 Clean game

To ensure a clean and faire game, a proper resurfacing and repair should be conducted. Most importantly the markings and lines are drawn to be visible and accurate. The standard rules of a tennis court are normally followed to the letter.

Resurfacing is done to replenish the court to its original state and to make every early of the court is visible. In this context, the job is only done by experienced people.

Standards of a court

In order to maintain the standard of the court, resurfacing is done regularly. The repair restores the court to its former standard.

Not every court can hold major games and events only the selected few that have reached the desired standard. The International tennis federation has the qualification of a proper tennis court. 

Durability of the tennis court

Regular maintenance of the tennis court gives it a longer serving duration. Moreover, it is more costly to construct a new tennis court than maintenance.  

When a court has been properly repaired and resurfaced it adds a total of more than six years. Furthermore it proves to be cost effective and value for the money spent.  

In additional to the above mentioned importance of a proper court resurfacing, we can add that the earlier the repairs are done the better. The more the court is of supervised and repaired the more it will deteriorate. Besides it will only accrue on the cost of the repair. In this case it only better to act earlier. 


With respect to keeping the court attractive to playing it needs to be a safe place for all the people using it. It is not only important to the players but also to the management. In general it is important for tennis court resurfacing service.


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