Advanced Varieties Of Hockey Clothing You Must Know About

As hockey is such a fast paced, contact field sport it is essential that players are well equipped with the right kit. From knee pads to gum guards, jerseys and everything in between, players are now able to take advantage of the technological advancements that affect every facet of our lives, Materials that aid performance, pads that offer better protection and shoes that allow for increased speed and precision, are all part of the various items of clothing and kit that you need to know about.


Nike, Reebok and other leading shoe brands have all made massive strides forward in footwear and the hockey shoes available now are a far cry from those of days gone by. When looking at hockey shoes, you not only need to focus on fit and comfort, you also need to look for those that best suit the surface you’ll be playing on. If you are playing on grass, the cleats are best as they have large studs for better grip, but if you are playing on artificial turf you’ll need those with smaller studs that allow for quicker movement. Those who play indoor hockey should opt for running shoes with smooth soles, as any type of cleats will slow you down. If you know what to look for in hockey footwear, you can improve your game dramatically.

Rash guards

If you’ve never heard of rash guards now is a good time to listen closely. These guards may be optional, but they prevent rashes under your shin guards and can protect your skin from getting rubbed raw. Available in synthetic fabrics that are breathable, these guards will aid your game play as you won’t be plagued by irritating or painful rashes.


Wearing proper sports socks is essential when you play hockey, as your feet work hard. Technological advancements in fabric have come a long way and there are socks that provide a better grip, those that breathe and those that won’t slip down either. The better the quality of your socks, the better your feet will feel and the better you’ll play.


Hockey kit is perhaps the most important of all, as if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, your game will suffer. The most popular fabrics with sportsmen and women are synthetic ones that breathe and absorb sweat during play. Breathable fabric keeps players cool and won’t cause them discomfort, and with spandex and other stretchy elements, they can move as you do. There is no need to wear heavy fabrics when lightweight options are so readily available, and the lighter the kit, the faster a player can move.

Hockey clothing should fit well, be breathable, allow for easy movement and ensure player efficiency. There are so many different options on offer now that players can pick and choose what works best for their environment and their position on the field too. These varieties of clothing are essential to any avid player and should help you choose kit that maximises your performance potential.

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