Simple Tricks To Be Safe While Playing Rugby

Rugby is generally a rough game which needs a lot of strength and hence, the players are more likely to get hurt and sustain injuries on the field. Hence, the rugby players should be extra cautious while playing the game. Fortunately, there are a number of safety measures which the players need to follow in order to reducing the chances of injuries while on the field. Let us now see some of them.

  • The first tip to save yourself from injuries while playing rugby is to keep ice packs handy. Whenever you experience any kind of sprain or agony while on the field, you need to use the ice pack to get instant relief. These packs are readily available and are also very easy to use. These packs are recognised worldwide to bring real fast relief to the injured area. Ice packs also counter swelling and inflammation too.
  • While playing rugby, your feet need protection too. In order to protect your feet from any kind of serious injury, you need to wear the right kind of rugby boots. If buying the boots is a problem, you can try searching for the same online. There are now a number of reputed websites available on the web which sells good quality sports gear and equipments. You can also use foam and felt adhesive. These are cut and placed inside the boots. Hence, even if you injure your feet by any chance, a serious harm can be averted.
  • Rugby requires a lot of physical strength and it is indeed a game of sweat. So, it is very common for the players to get yeast infections. The sweat and the humidity together can cause problems like this. However, as a regular player, you need to keep some ointment or other yeast infection treatments in your safety kit.
  • Rugby players often need to go through the pain of a broken tooth! This is painful as well as embarrassing for many. So, to avoid any such injuries, you need to have good quality mouth guards which will protect your teeth. These work as perfect shock absorbers and in case of a sudden blow in the jaw, these will save you from any kind of jaw injury. You may also go for a customised mouth guard which will fit your mouth easily and you will not feel uncomfortable during the game.
  • As a rugby player, you should also have some sports tapes which will avert the risks of injury while playing. These tapes are available in elastic adhesive and cohesive bandages which are used on the thighs as straps. The cohesive bandages are used to protect the head of the players.

Playing any physical game is good for health and mind and if you are a rugby player, keeping in mind the above mentioned tips will only help you to be safe from the very few cons of the game. It is very important to follow the safety measures while playing any game and as rugby is much more physical, assuring proper safety is important for you as a player.

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