Guide To Buying Hockey Skates

Whether you want to play ice hockey or inline hockey, you won’t be needing any more important gear than your skates. Your skates must fit your foot correctly in order to perform to the best of your abilities. If you do not choose your skates correctly, chances are you will be very uncomfortable, and your play will be affected. There are lots of great skates available like the CCM Super Tacks, and lots of others, so it’s wise to go with ones like those that have great reviews.


When buying a new set of hockey skates, you should consider a lot of factors to making decision. Some of these are

  • Age – your skates will last for a long time, so you need to choose one that will allow you to grow into it over the years
  • Weight – the heavier you are, the stronger your skates have to be as there is more weight to support. You don’t want to be buying skates every few months
  • Playing style – for aggressive skates, chances are you would need to buy skates made with reinforced materials to support your manner of play
  • Skill level – the more skillful you are, the more time you will spend skating and so you need something that is built to last.

In choosing a skate from your local sports good store, here are some of the skate properties that you should look at before making a buying decision

  1. Skate construction – when considering skate construction, you should assess the material used as this sometimes contributes to the price of the skate compared to other. The most quality skates use the best materials for their sole, tongue, blade and outsole and may be pricier than others. If you have the funds to spare, splurge now and save yourself from replacing your skates in the distant future.
  1. Quarter package – This is the biggest part of the skate, from the toe cap extending all the way to the ankle. Good quality skates use strong, lightweight materials for their quarter package to allow for maximum flexibility, durability and protection while skating.
  1. Tongue – Tongues are either made of felt or foam. Foam tongues are usually lighter than felt ones are more popular. Try on both types of tongues to see which one is more comfortable for you before making a decision.
  1. Outsole – This is what connects the boot to the blade. Top quality skates make use of a composite outsole which is more expensive but also more durable and lighter for better play. You are able to move faster on composite outsoles compared to skates with plastic outsoles.
  1. Blade and blade holder – These are at the bottom of the skate and are in contact with the ice. The main factor here is the type of metal that is used in the blade composition. The best type of skates come with stainless steel blades that perform best on ice. If you are buying skates with cheaper metals, chances are you need to be extra careful to prevent rusting, an issue you won’t have with stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades are also usually replaceable, so you can swap out the blades of the skate when they are worn out instead of buying a new pair of skates.

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