What Is Freediving?

When we see the world that lies beneath the land we inhabit, often the visions and views that we see can be hard to believe. However, many people choose to take on numerous diving experiences to get closer to the land beneath the waves. From seeing amazing natural coral reefs up close to getting to swim close and personal with some of the legends of under the sea, diving is a truly special experience.


However, all of that apparatus and equipment can sure make the experience of going diving a touch tougher than it has to be. Some people find it constricting and off-putting. If you want to take part in something a bit different, why not look into free diving instead?

What is freediving?

Freediving is a unique take on the sport or activity of diving. Basically, you get to go under the water as if you were a free aquatic creature. Without any breathing apparatus, you get to enjoy a far more natural experience than you would if you were to simply go under with the full apparatus on.

It’s among the fastest growing water sport and water activity on the planet, and gives off a unique sense of freedom. If you ever feel like you are sick of normal water sports or you simply want to enjoy something removed from man-made, equipment-specific diving, look closer into the art of freediving.

Is freediving not dangerous?

Like any kind of water sport or experience, freediving is only dangerous with poor preparation. If you were to work with a professional diving firm like Blue Water Freediving, though, that problem would soon become a thing of the past.

You would undergo full AIDA/PADI Freediving courses, which would make sure that you are more than ready to deal with this experience. You will learn how to handle the unique nature of freediving, but also learn how to handle any of the problems that come along during the trip.

This is so important, as it can play a tremendous role in making sure you can enjoy the kind of high quality diving experience that you want. You get to simply be one with the sea, and you get to take it all in at super-close distances. Free from the limitations of far less progressing diving programs, you can soon find that freediving is very much an enjoyable practice.

Take part in something special

Rather than wonder, why not try it out? Freediving courses are available all the time. This will help you to start learning about one of the most exciting kinds of water activity around, and learn the ropes to ensure that you can take part without any limitations of difficulties.

Who knows? You might even become a tutor one day yourself!

Just like climbing to the top of a major mountain, the amazing world view capped alongside the sense of freedom that you feel makes freediving a very much worthwhile experience. If you long for something new, there’s not many more modern ways to enjoy the word!

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