The Best Quarterbacks In History

Quarterback is undoubtedly one of the most significant positions held by a player in sports. He carries the dreams and hopes of not only his team, but also of his innumerable fans, on his shoulders. Playing under immense pressure, he is expected to show incredible leadership skills, along with strategic thinking and intelligence, to help his team emerge victorious. Listing the best quarterbacks in history is not an easy task, as there are many contenders of the top spots. Mentioned below are some of the greatest quarterbacks who have made their teams proud time and again.

  • Tom Brady

Tom Brady emerges at the top of this list due to his amazing record of holding four Super Bowls, out of the total six that he played. Besides this, he also has three Super Bowl MVPs, as well as a long list of major postseason passing records, making him supreme when it comes to winning.

  • Joe Montana

Trained under able guidance of Bill Walsh, it was Joe Montana who helped San Francisco 49ers won four Super Bowls during his stint as a quarterback. Joe Montana holds the record for being the first ever quarterback to be able to register a win in both, three Super Bowl MVP awards, as well as four rings.

  • Peyton Manning

Although it is easy to criticise this great player for not winning postseason record, but looking at his glorious career and remarkable winnings reminds one of the incomparable calibre Peyton Manning has, also counted among the smartest players that this game has seen. He not only has a Super Bowl, but also holds a record of having five MVPs and a range of other passing records.

  • John Elway

Due to the amazing winning records held by John Elway, he definitely deserves a place in the hall of fame. He also suffered a few setbacks in the form of losses during playoffs, but was able to reclaim his legacy as an incredible quarterback with his consecutive wins at Super Bowls. During his incredible career, he has been able to win two Lombardi Trophies for Denver, along with a MVP in Super Bowl XXXIII, which also happens to be his last game at NFL.

  • Brett Favre

Incomparable durability, great improvisational skills and a strong arm are some of the qualities that Brett Favre possessed. His greatness lies in the record that he held for being the only player who won three consecutive MVPs, in seasons held during 1995 and 1997. Moreover, in 1996 he was also named as Super Bowl MVP.

The path to become a great quarterback is certainly not easy, as it takes a great amount of dedication and practice to reach where the best quarterbacks in history have been able to stand. If you also hold the same love and passion for this game, then it is time to step into the shoes of your favourite players, not literally though. Keep an eye for attractive offers, discounts and football shoes coupons, to make great savings. By opting for amazing sales offers and football shoes coupons, offered by premium brands, you can certainly begin your journey in this incredible sport.

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