Train In Martial Arts To A Be A Better Business Leader

It’s possible that you’re reading this article at your desk wondering how ancient South East Asian ass-kicking and spear-wielding techniques are going to improve your month-end review. 

Two words: discipline and control. 


All martial arts are a series of well-crafted choreographed fight and defence moves that require hours of disciplined practice to master. In practicing a martial art, whichever style you choose, you’ll be using every muscle to block or overpower your opponent. In the past, mistakes could be fatal, so complete control was needed to produce effective moves.


A powerful block, a quick dart, a roundhouse kick –exchanges in martial arts are only effective when performed with complete control. To achieve mastery over your moves takes practice and a lot of patience.

So getting down to business, how do these qualities translate themselves to the workplace?

Stay focused

A full-body work-out isn’t the only training you’ll incorporate in your weekly routine in order to master your combat senses.Regular mediation is must, just as control over your mind is every bit as important as physical strength. Through meditation you’ll find yourself keeping your focus for longer and increasing your stamina to finish arduous tasks. Learning martial arts combat is as much building exterior strength as it is keeping your mind focused and alert.

Discipline isn’t a Dickensian punishment

If you’ve decided to train at martial arts, chances are fitness was a factor in your decision. Expect pain, especially if the treadmill and weights have been left to gather dust. The first weeks are the toughest, and with rigorous training, you’ll be using muscles that were previously assigned to the gas pedal in your car. You might even find that your buttocks don’t rest comfortably in your chair. Martial arts teach staying power; rain or shine you’ll need to train regularly to increase your potential. At work, you’ll develop a drive you never knew you had in you.

No tough days for a tough guy or woman

Combat training releases a powerhouse of endorphins that relieve stress. A stress ball at work helps, but a full body workout will release tension everywhere it’s being stored. Besides, if your boss is being a right you-know-what you’ll enjoy letting out your anger during a fight. We suggest using a punch bag prior to facing your innocent opponent.

Train martial arts to beat a bad day at work. You’ll feel stronger, more motivated and ready to take on tough challenges from dealing with the broken printer to finalising a complex report. And you’ll be buff while you’re at it!

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