Save Your Own Life!

There is no getting away from the fact that no matter how experienced the driver, there is always a chance that they might have an accident and experience serious injuries. Driver safety is always the main priority when racing in motorsport and wearing a helmet is always a necessity no matter what; after all, you only get one head so you need to look after it!

Having a crash in a race vehicle can be extremely dangerous but many of these accidents could be avoided. Former F1 world champion Jackie Stewart says that not all accidents are caused by bad luck and has offered to coach Romain Grosjean, a driver for the Lotus team, in order to try and avoid racing accidents. He does not see why Formula 1 can’t benefit from coaching in the same way that other sports do, and that this can help to avoid mistakes during the race and reduce the number of accidents.

However, when accidents do happen, this is where motorsport helmets can save lives. If a driver loses control and comes off the track, then it will be racing helmets that are protecting their head in and outside of the vehicle, as well as fireproof clothing. There should never be any scrimping on price when it comes to a life so it is important that you buy in full confidence from an established and reputable specialist such as Demon Tweeks, so you know you stand the best possible chance of being protected if you are ever involved in a precarious position.

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