What are HANS Devices?


In the world of motorsports it’s essential you’ve got access to all the pieces of safety equipment you could need, and HANS devices should be at the top of the list. HANS or Head and Neck Support is a revolutionary safety device that’s used in competitive motorsports and track days worldwide, with racers choosing this specific safety measure for the exceptional level of protection it’s able to offer. In fact, these devices are now compulsory in F1, WRC, FIA GT as well as a whole range of other national and international races, but even if not mandatory it should still be an essential item of safety wear.

These devices can be used in a whole range of vehicles and with most FIA-approved racing harnesses, but in order to ensure optimum comfort, safety and suitability it’s important to choose your specific device wisely. You’ll be able to choose different models depending on your shirt size and seating position so it all comes down to the type of racing you actually do, and you could even invest in additional padding kits to reduce pressure points on your neck and collar bone for extra comfort.

If you’re looking for a HANS device that can meet your requirements then you need to see what we’ve got to offer. We stock a wide range of devices produced by Schroth Racing as well as a great selection of accessories, kits and replacement products to ensure you’ll find just what you need. This device can be the single most important piece of safety equipment you ever invest in, so make sure to add it to your list and you’ll have nothing else to worry about but winning that race.

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