5 Uses Of Personalised Trophies And Wall Plaques

Do you want to create a trophy that has a visual impact for the receiver?

Personalisation goes a long way. By providing someone with a trophy that is customised, you are in fact boosting their morale and making them feel special! The simple addition of a logo, name, date and event/achievement to a wall plaque or trophy, can increase the value of the award!

But what are personalised awards used for?

Professional sporting events

What are sporting events all about? Is it the winning? Perhaps it’s the participation? Or maybe it’s about getting the cup or trophy at the end of the competition?

We all know that there are arranged sporting events that see professionals take part in athletics, football and swimming competitions in the hope of receiving a personalised trophy, which is designed to be specific for the event and has a distinct finishing touch. A logo is often incorporated to the personalised trophy, this is an important element to take into consideration because it is easily recognisable (on a global level!)

Corporate events

For corporate events, a personalised wall plaque is more idyllic in terms of space availability and appearance. If you’re looking to highlight success within your business, have you considered the importance of a wall plaque, that is specific? The advantage of a wall plaque is that is easy to assemble onto the wall, however as an alternative, they can be stored in company cabinets- keeping them safe and allowing them to maintain their quality.


How can a personalised trophy have importance for competitions?

The purpose of a competition is to recognise achievement and reward success. Do you want to show someone how much you appreciate their efforts? A personalised trophy ensures a person feels valued, it is specific to them as an individual because it includes their name and is relevant to their accomplishment!

Amateur sports

Are you looking to design a personalised wall plaque for an amateur sporting event?

An amateur should be recognised for their attainment and achievement because they are showing willingness and enthusiasm to a sport or hobby! A personalised wall plaque can provide special accolade for someone who has perhaps stood out from others or deserves to be honoured for their achievements! An amateur sports trophy or wall plaque can be personalised to provide details of the event, venue and the amateurs name- it generates a special effect and adds personal value.


Can you think of a famous entertainment trophy?

Whether it be the Oscars or Strictly Come Dancing, a trophy can be iconic and designed to have a unique finish- making it identifiable! These personalised trophies can be engraved to add value and create a more intricate design, that is specific to your requirements and personal preferences.

Awards EFX bespoke trophies and wall plaques

A personalised trophy offers an assortment for your individual needs. At Award EFX we tailor-make our awards to suit your specific style requirements, regarding size, shape, colour and customisation.

We are able to engrave and colour print our trophies and personalised wall plaques, this is because we use advanced laser technology to add those personal finishing touches!


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