Consumers Prioritising Holidays


Plenty of UK consumers are booking skiing holidays. Although many people are feeling the financial pinch, it seems they’re not willing to give up on their breaks away from home.At this time of year, skiing and snowboarding vacations are particularly popular because of the favourable weather conditions in the Alps and elsewhere.

According to research conducted by PwC, Brits continue to see holidays as an important spending priority. Indeed, it found that respondents were more likely to cut down on their spending on dining out, takeaways, clothing, shoes and accessories rather than reduce expenditure on their main holidays or short breaks.

Commenting on the findings, PwC partner David Trunkfield said: “With declines in inflation over the past few months, the picture for discretionary consumer spending is looking a little more positive, and it looks like consumers are done with cutting back on holiday spend and are looking to cut back on other areas, like clothing, if they have to.”

The good old UK weather may also be encouraging people to make plane trips elsewhere. Mr Trunkfield added: “The poor British summer is also likely to encourage increased foreign holidays.”

While ski holidays may not be warm, they are often sunny and the locations available to holidaymakers are stunning. Meanwhile, consumers don’t have to travel far to reach their destinations. For example, the fabulous alpine ski region is only a short flight away. Also, as long as they’re savvy, people can benefit from superb deals, helping to make the trips affordable.

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