The Game Of Cricket In A Nutshell

The game of cricket has gained huge popularity globally. It originated in England but now it is being played in several countries in almost all continents. Looking to plan a career in his game is definitely a great choice, firstly because it is pretty interesting and secondly one also gets highly paid.There are numerous cricket coaching clubs that you can find in your locality. You can choose any one you feel like and start practicing. However, it is better to start practicing the game early in life, as it gives one a better chance to succeed.

Formats of The Game

ICC is the governing body of world cricket and controls all the international matches that are held worldwide. The game earlier had two versions. The 50 over match and the test match but recently a shorter version of the game has been added which is known as T-20.

Details of The Formats Test Cricket

This is the oldest form of cricket which is played for 5 days. Each team (comprising of 11 players) gets to bat twice. The team that wins the toss decides whether to bat or bowl first. Accordingly a team starts batting and sets up a target. Now, the opponent team will bat and try to score more runs than the former team. Once they feel that they have scored enough runs, they will declare, and let the former team bat again. The same thing continues once again and the team that is able to score more runs and bowl out the opposition within the 5th day wins the match. If the match is still not finished within the 5th day,, it is declared as a Draw.

50 over Match

This is a shorter version of the same. Both teams get a chance to bat for 50 overs each. The team that scores more runs wins the contest. That’s all. The denominations of runs are I’s, 2’s, 3’s 4’s and 6’s. A batsman can hit the ball to any part of the ground and take runs. If, he can cross the boundary of the
field then it’s considered as four runs and in case the batsman hits the ball out of the ground, without it dropping anywhere in the playing area, then it is considered as a six.


This format has been introduced very recently. It is a high voltage contest as unlike a 50 over match,each team gets to bat for 20 overs only. And the team that scores more runs and restricts the opposition within that wins the contest.

These are the three formats that are played internationally. Some of the countries where this game is religiously followed are India, Pakistan, Sri- Lanka, and Bangladesh. Besides these, the game is also popular in various other countries such as Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand and others.

Therefore, it is definitely one of the most renowned and most followed games in the world. It is also a great sport to build your career in.

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