Guidelines For Choosing The Right Hockey Ball

The hockey ball is usually white, solid plastic ball which is slightly larger and harder than a baseball. The hockey balls are available in a number of designs and types. Hockey balls are very powerful, very strong and capable of withstanding a lot of force.

How to choose a hockey ball:

The first and foremost thing to consider is evaluating the playing surface, whether it is a natural grass, water based turf, sand based turf or filled turf. Different surfaces present different conditions and the balls can get faster or slower depending on surfaces. The second factor is evaluating the playing conditions; if the field is dry or wet. Age and level of play of teams should also be considered. Usually a Dimple ball is preferred for wet surface conditions. Water produces a completely different surface and results in inconsistent ball speed. The dimple ball helps to produce a consistent ball speed.

An important factor to consider is the temperature at which the game will be played. The traditional “orange ball” or warm weather ball is used at 60°F or warmer weather. The hot weather balls are meant for 75°F or warmer weather, whereas, cool weather balls are for play between 30°F and 60°F. For temperatures less than 30°F cold weather balls are used.

The hockey balls are manufactured keeping safety and enjoyment in mind. A specialised hockey ball is required for maximising the efficiency of a game. The leading brands offering hockey balls are Kookaburra, Grays, TK, Mercian, Dita, Slazenger and Adidas. While some offer match and practice-standard balls, the others provide balls that help to develop technique and power. You can also get junior hockey balls as well. For professional quality hockey balls Hockey Direct is a good option. This specialty store has a vast selection of hockey gear from eminent brands at affordable prices.

Now let’s look at the kinds of hockey balls available. The most commonly used is Dimple training and Dimple Match ball though on sand based astro pitches a smooth ball can be a better choice. The dimpled ball is unique in design, made to run smooth on water based pitches. You will get dimple balls from all major manufacturers.

The hockey balls come in three major colours; white, pink or orange. Still the best colour to use is white as it allows you to see the ball in all light conditions. The colours which are used mainly for recreational purpose are mixed swirl colour, glitter pink and glitter blue.

How to take care of your hockey ball: To ensure a longer life, the hockey balls should be washed in warm soapy water on a regular basis. For younger players there are designed, lightweight balls.

While looking for a hockey ball you can get lots of options from a number of brands. There is no much difference between the balls offered by them, all are pretty much same in design and cost but to get it at the best possible price you need to choose the right shop. At Hockey Direct you can a large selection of hockey balls at affordable prices.

A specialised hockey ball is required for maximising the efficiency of a game. The hockey balls are manufactured keeping safety and enjoyment in mind. To choose the right ball you need to consider a few factors.

Ashley is a sports blogger based in London, UK. He suggests choosing the right hockey ball to ensure maximum performance in the hockey field. Victor has researched the options available at Hockey Direct and others.

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