The Heli-Skiing Capital Of The World Awaits

For the common thrill-seeker, planning a trip to go bigger and bolder can be challenging: not anymore. Look no further than the mountain towns of Revel stoke and Golden, British Columbia. It is here that the Great Canadian Heli Skiing Company reigns supreme. People travel from Europe and all over North America to experience the powdery, light snow that accumulates in massive amounts. Add in the flexibility and comfort of staying in a lodge or private cabin plus the luxury of unlimited verticals and it will make for an adventure that one will never forget.

Heli skiing in British Columbia has its perks

Skiers have an amazing opportunity to do what they love in this exclusive back country. What small group wouldn’t want a mountain to conquer all to them? The unlimited vertical gives skiers the chance to ditch the long lines for frozen and uncomfortable ski-lifts. In just minutes, a group can be back at the top by way of a very comfortable helicopter and ready to carve through the thick blanket of snow once more.

Having the right equipment for this adventure is vital to getting the most out of it and being safe. Skiers should dress light due to the warm cabins of the helicopters but not too light given the harsh conditions of high altitudes. It is best to layer clothing in a way in which sweat will be able to escape and you will stay dry. For this specific type of skiing, skis are wider and more flexible. These can be rented along with snowboards. To help lower risks, guests are supplied with avalanche beacons free of charge. In addition, groups will carry a backpack containing a shovel, radio, and pieces of spare equipment. Skiers desiring an airbag need to book them in advance.

When the sun has set on a day full of heli skiing in British Columbia, skiers will be able to fall back to one of two relaxing accommodations: private cabins, and the heather mountain lodge. These are equipped with several amenities that will surpass the satisfaction of most guests. Aside from helicopter views, the stunning visuals of the Selkirk Mountains that can be seen from either accommodation is breath-taking. When it is time to go skiing, there are helipads on location, so skiers will not need to walk very far.

The Great Canadian Heli Skiing company makes heli skiing in British Columbia a far more thrilling experience than the usual spot, and you can get more information from them by checking out their blog. The differences stand out and go above and beyond other providers. Utilizing all the products and services they have to offer, as well as the features of accommodations will help maximize the experience and it will be one that won’t be forgotten.

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