Have A Sneak Peek Into Everything About Rugby Betting

Rugby is a sport that has rapidly gained its popularity in the world of betting. It is a best option for the punters to bet and make some profit. The rugby betting events include various union tournaments such as Rugby Championships, Six Nations and the World Cup. Pertaining the rugby league such as Super League, NRL or Challenge Cup, its team includes 13 active players and 10 substitutions and in order to win you need to outscore the opposite team. You can also check out Rugby League betting options online for more players and teams’ statistics, rankings, fixtures and chances of winning.

It is of utmost importance to check the individual rules of the bookmaker. The bets are usually settled during 80-minute period of the match. In the event of extra time, a new market will be created. In case, the game is abandoned the bets will be refunded. It is considered that you will have more betting options if the game is bigger. Thus, you can find more available bets for World Cup or Six Nations tournaments. You can go through different Rugby betting options.

You can place a wide range of bets on all the rugby matches and tournaments that include –

  • Tries
  • Halftime or full time result
  • 3 way handicap
  • outright winner
    and many more

There are mainly three different markets for rugby betting. These include –

Money Line

It includes the bet on whom you think will win the match. This is the same for both the Rugby League and Rugby Union.


Once you become great at Money Line, you can progress to Handicap betting. The team with positive handicap usually wins, draws or loses by less than the figure set for the bet.


The bettor places the bet on the total number of points that need to be scored in the match.

Thus, you can expand your knowledge and find value in the rugby betting markets.

Either its Rugby League or Union, you can manage to find a great bet through online betting sites. Moreover, Rugby Union has moved away from being an amateur sport that has triggered increase in wages. This has definitely improved the Rugby betting profile.

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