How To Teach Archery?


Though bows and arrows are no more used in wars, archery is still holds a special position in different cultures as a major sport. Those who have interest in archery can enjoy this sport and also take it up as a profession. Archery also teaches one perseverance, discipline and patience. When it comes to archery lessons, safety should get top priority. Whether a range officer leads a shoot on an archery range or a father teaches his daughter archery in the backyard, concentrating on safety measures is crucial. It is important to make children understand that bows and arrows should not be treated as toys.

Let’s Have A Look at How to Teach Archery:

  • The first step of teaching archery is to explain the fundamental rules to the student. It is important to tell them that they should not shoot unless a professional instructor or responsible adult is supervising.
  • They should learn to keep the arrow pointed in a safe direction and keep the arrow in quiver until the instructor asks them to shoot.
  • When someone calls “cease fire” or walks behind or around the target or crosses the shooting line, they should immediate stop shooting.
  • Instructors should ensure that students don’t shoot a fractured or cracked arrow.
  • Students should be taught to use a finger tab and arm guard all the time.
  • You will have to help the student identify his or her dominant eye which is very crucial to understand in order to become a good archer.
  • Once you teach the rules and safety measures, you should start explaining the archery equipment. You must show the archery layout to the student, point out the borders, explain the range commands and firing line.
  • You will also have to demonstrate how to position the feet when the shoot. It is also important to demonstrate the use of finger tabs, shooting gloves and arm guards.
  • The instructor needs to teach the proper method to string a bow as well as nock an arrow. He or she is also supposed to teach how to remove arrow from a target.
  • You can also teach students in pair. This works well for students who are too young.

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