Types of Bows Used In Field Archery


Are you interested in playing field archery? If so, before you start buying the equipment’s you need to get hold of the license. This license provides you legal permission to carry out hunting without any legal obligation. Moreover, when you are buying the equipment’s related to field archery, you should buy it from the stores that have legal permission to do so.Apart from this fact, you also need to know about the various types of bows that are used for such sports activity.

Different types of Bows Used:-

Different types of bows are there that are used for carrying out field archery. Some of the types are:-

• Re-curve –This type of bows has curve towards the archer but the tips gets curved away from the archer. This structure is named as re-curve  It is said that this is the best bow for the beginners. These types of bows are generally made of fiberglass or aluminum.However, to use this type of bows, it is always recommended for the archer to wear gloves on their hand.

Longbow – If you wish to buy a classic style bow, this is the most apt one you can choose upon. It is made of one long piece of wood. It doesn’t have any arrow rest nor does it have stabilizer like that of the usual one. The length of the bow depends of the height of the archer.

Crossbow – This bow is also made of wood. It used bolted mechanism to release the string. The overall process is much slower as compared to the other type of bows.
However, the strength required to stretch the bow is much higher as compare to the usual one.

Compound – This one is the most common type of bow used in both field archery as well as target archery. When an individual prefers to go for hunting, this type of bow is the most common type of bow that is used for hunting. As far as the material goes, plastic or carbon or laminated fiberglass are usually used to make such type of bows. There is a pulley system that is attached to this bow.

These are some of the type of bows that are used in field archery activity. If you wish to know more about this activity, get in touch with the archery training centers. Numerous reputed training centers are there. For instance, training centers on archery in Texas are some of the reputed centers who provide skilled training in this field.

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