What Items Do You Need To Purchase When Buying A Propercricket Kit?

When playing any sport – no matter whether it is football, rugby, hockey, or indeed cricket – you need to make sure you have the right equipment. If you do not, you won’t be able to play the game properly. Cricket is undoubtedly a sport that is popular in the UK. More and more kids and adults alike seem to be embracing this fun game. Are you someone who wants to get involved in the action? If so, read on to discover everything you need to know about buying the proper cricket kit.

First and foremost, let’s begin by revealing the protective equipment you will need to buy. After all, getting hit with a cricket ball is something nobody wants to experience! Painful is an understatement. There is no denying that protective equipment for your head is imperative. You may look at a cricket ball and think it is small, but it can certainly cause some serious damage if you do not protect yourself properly. Buy a high quality helmet from a reputable cricket store. It is crucial to make sure it fits properly. If you buy a helmet that does not fit you are going to suffer from a lack of protection and visibility, thus your performance will be impaired as well.

In addition to buying a helmet, you also need to think about protecting the rest of your body.  You can buy cricket pads from all good sports stores. These are highly recommended for your leg and thigh area. Surprisingly, they are not essential, however it would be a huge mistake to go onto the field without them. Again, fitting is imperative. You need to benefit from ultimate protection yet you need to be comfortable as well. The pads should not impact your performance and you should be able to move as freely as you would if you were not wearing them. Cricket equipment is so advanced nowadays that you will barely even realise you are wearing pads.

Once you have purchased all of the protective equipment you require, you can then begin thinking about buying the right clothing. If you watch cricket on television you will notice that all of the professionals wear white. You may think this is the least practical colour to opt for. However, it is the colour of the sport. Thus, make sure you purchase good cleaning products to get out those pesky grass stains. It is important to point out that there are no regulations regarding short or long sleeves – the choice is yours.

Last but not least, the final purchase you need to make when obtaining your cricket kit is shoes. There are two important qualities you need to consider when looking for the ideal pair of cricket shoes. These are as follows, grip and comfort. You also need to consider the surface you are going to be playing on. If you are planning on playing on hard ground, pimpled rubber soles are the best. However, spiked shoes are ideal for soft cricket grounds.

Cricket is a sport that is flourishing in terms of popularity at the moment. Nonetheless, if you wish to play this game you will need to have the correct cricket kit. What do you need to buy?

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