Popular Water Sports Worldwide

The summer has finally arrived! There is no better time than now to venture a refreshing plunge. For all active water sport lovers and those who want to experience it time has arrived to pull up your socks and get ready to enjoy various water sports. From jet skiing up to the paddle surfing or sailing, so put on the beach, swimming gear and get started!

Jet Ski

Do you want to feel sometimes like James Bond? The waves to defeat just once at high speed and style? A refreshing Jet Ski tour is exactly what you are looking for! This water sport guarantees you more than the fun and excitement you have ever endured. You can enjoy the refreshing sea air and look at the great nearby sights from afar, and see the beach promenades from another angle.

Second surf

Surfing is one of the coolest water at all. Surfing in the early morning hours is a great way to start the day. Even if you have never experienced surfing before, do not worry there are many professional schools which offer beginners courses as well as professional courses you can join then accordingly.

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Surfing

There are many beaches in world, ​​where the waves are quite calmer, so it simply is not enough for surfing. The latest trend is paddle surfing, a really exciting and also exhausting water sport ! At the moment, this sport is very much in trend, and it is worthwhile to try paddle surfing with friends.


A great water sport and perfect for relaxing is kayaking in the deep blue water. The nearby Costa Brava with its turquoise water is ideal for this. Excursions Barcelona offers of great day trips from the city of San Feliu de Guixols, where kayakers can discover many caves and coastal areas.

Swimming in the open Sea Water

It is not necessary that you have to start with certain equipment, sometimes enough just a bathing suit and you are ready to go for adventure. That’s exactly what you can do in the open swimming pool. This favourable water is perfect for those who just want to try something very simple. Just a relaxing swim without surfers and other beach guests coming into your way.


Do you feel like something special? A water sport with a class. How about a few pleasant hours on the coast, on a sailboat? Many club houses offers a whole range of exciting offerings, including private lessons! Perfect for a break from everyday life, with a touch of VIP feeling!

Fly boarding

Do you dream to be a superhero? Fly boarding is exactly what you are looking for! A jetpack is attached to your feet, which pushes water down, you can truly experience what it means to fly across the sea. This crazy water is ideal for enthusiasts of extreme sports, who just want something different.

Kite surfing

Are you inspired by the fly? Looking for something unique? How about kite surfing? This insane cool water sport is absolutely inspiring because it’s just something completely different, and you are practically face to face with the sea!


Courageous? How about windsurfing? This water sport with absolute certainty to the most complicated at all. If you are looking for a challenge in terms of absolute water sports, you have the chance to explore best windsurfing sites worldwide.

Pedal Boating

Not every water sport is as challenging as windsurfing. If you prefer to spend a leisurely day on the water with your family, we advise you to pedal boating. You can rent these boats on almost every beach or even at lakes. Cost effective and lots of fun.

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