Choosing The Best Fly Fishing Rod

What to look for when buying a fly fishing rod? Well the fly fishing rod, to the enlightened, is an eternal thing of beauty and wonderment; a magic wand, an implement of such balance and precision that defies description.


On the other hand some may describe it merely as a stick; these people are the unenlightened and probably golfers.

The best fly fishing rod for you will depend entirely upon your fishing prowess and experience. Grand Wizards of the art don’t need to be told what to look for in a fishing rod. But up and coming apprentices could certainly do with some help.

So let’s try to unravel a few of the wands secrets.

  • First off don’t even think about buying a rod online! Just because your long-time fisherman friend Frank has a particular make and model doesn’t make it right for you. So don’t buy online unless you’re absolutely sure of what you want, or are looking to save some pennies….

You my friend will need help from some very powerful Wizards.


  • So which rod to choose?


As a general guide for the uninitiated, fly rods are constructed to complement the weight and thickness of the fly line used. So a rod rated at ‘6’ will require a ‘6’ weighted line. It is generally acknowledged that, for beginners, a rod and line rating of around ‘5’ is an excellent starting set-up.


  • Go to your nearest fishing shop.


Here you’ll be greeted with a smile from a human being! Initially show an interest in the most expensive rod on display, this’ll guarantee a cup of coffee.

Gradually the wily retailer will work you out; using special powers he’ll suddenly produce, out of thin air, a not quite so expensive rod for your attention.

Although, no doubt, the rod for you will not be the cheapest and nor should it be. Don’t skimp on budget, you’ll regret it as soon as your first cast hooks a seagull.

You now have an opportunity to manically wave your rod around the shop … hmm I may have to rethink that line. But, you understand my drift, here you can try it out, get some expert advice and probably build a relationship that may last a lifetime.

What length should your rod be?

Oh dear … moving swiftly on; as a guide, aim for the ‘trout-length’ of around 9 foot.

Your choice of rod depends upon your choice of catch; bass for example may necessitate a rod and line in or around the ‘8’ category, trout maybe ‘5’ or ‘6’.

Your fishing retailer will be your guide, your sensei, he holds the key to all the great fly fishing secrets. Patronise his shop and reap the rewards of the master’s experiences.

At the end of the day fishing is a great fun, relaxing sport for all ages. You may go on to become an expert, you may just enjoy the ambiance of the occasion and the treasured moments away from the humdrum.


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