How To Get Fit As A Footballer?

Football is the greatest sport on the planet and there is no questioning this fact. It is played and followed worldwide and there are thousands of players who are plying their trade as professional footballers. Besides this, there are many upcoming and aspiring players who want to make playing football as their profession. And there are many others who just love football and play it passionately. But to play football, you need an extreme level of fitness. You may require proteins like creatine to boost up the energy levels. One can easily buy creatine online from different online stores.

You need to train hard and perform an amalgamation of training methods and be powerful and strong. It is a difficult goal to achieve and therefore we have mentioned some tips and methods below which you can follow to maintain your fitness as a footballer.

The General Training

This is the first step to get your heart racing and warm your body up. To begin, you should do 6-8 minutes of jogging. Remember to keep it calm and slow. Then you should follow it up by stretching your neck, shoulders, lower back and the abdominal. Repeat every stretch 10-12 times. The next target area should be legs, which includes focus on hamstrings, hip flexors, abductors, and calf muscles. Do some passive (held) and dynamic stretches having 2-3 standard routines and repeat 10-12 times. Perform sprints thereafter and different intensities to conclude the general training. Make sure you build up your core strength as it is very important.

Specific Training

This includes various parts. It targets the strength part and gym training and then work with the ball. Firstly, you will require heading to gym and doing some cardio. You will also require strength building proteins such creatine. You can easily buy proteins from a popular store – MyFitFuel. Also, specific training involves various technical moves with the ball, such as dribbling and stopping the ball. These should progress to medium intensity and be performed with another player, then to high intensity with players combining into groups to practice all the technical skills at the highest possible intensity and speed.

Having a good warm-up is of paramount importance as it allows you to control player’s progression to make you match ready. The early part of the warm-up should be done individually so that all the players can primarily focus on their own set of movement and fitness progression. They can then combine together with other players having some ball playing exercises like passing the ball and shooting the ball. They will allow them to move forward to perform dynamic movements to make sure your muscles are fully prepared.

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