How Golf Gives You More Exercise And Physical Fitness

If you’re a golfer from Texas, you know that the state has some expansive courses for both beginners and seasoned players. Then, do you know that the game gives you more exercise, flexibility and fitness than you think? Many consider golf a passive game that doesn’t require much of fitness. But one couldn’t be more wrong. Golfing involves a lot of strength training, walking, cardiovascular exercise and balance. With so many benefits, it’s a real motivation to tee off in one of the best golf courses in Texas.  Keep reading to know how a game of golf can offer you more than just a good time.

Strength Training

A lot of strength training goes into a game of golf.  Contrary to what many think, the real strength training comes not by swinging the clubs, but by exploring the very layout of a golf course. Many of the golf courses in Texas have undulating hills, greens or valleys. Walking up the greens, hills or valleys means a lot of exercise for your hamstrings and quadriceps. These exercises go a long way in improving the muscles of the lower body. When you carry your golf bag from your car to the links and carry it again around the golf course, it gives your upper body a week’s worth of the required strength training.

Cardiovascular Activity

Most of the courses are spread across several acres of hilly lands, and walking on these hilly grounds is the best way to boost your cardiovascular health. Walking on a golf course is not only beneficial for your health, but also helps you to improve your game. The US Golf Association encourages you to walk more on the course. Several scientific studies show that walking on a course is as good as participating in any exercise program. According to some researchers from Sweden, walking on an 18-hole golf course is equivalent to 40-70 percent of the strength required to do an aerobic exercise. Another study by an eminent cardiologist reveals that walking on a golf course cuts down your bad cholesterol as well as keeps your good cholesterol stable. Golfers who rode on carts did not show such beneficial health results. Yet another study by the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver showed that walking 9 holes on an undulating course is as good as walking 2.5 miles. You can shed off as much as 3,000 calories by walking 36 holes in a week.


Golfing teaches you to balance your body perfectly while hitting the golf ball and you must work on it for several reasons. Balancing is extremely important when you are twisting your body to hit the ball. Golfers who have a good balance are said to have a pretty powerful core which comprises the lower back muscles, muscles of the abdomen and those of the buttocks. All of these muscles collaborate to prevent falls, backache and several other dangerous situations.

Exercise for Your Brain

Research shows that golfing is not only beneficial for your physical health, but is also good for your brain. You get the right brain exercise to improve focus and concentration, both of which are needed to improve your golfing skills and performance. Golf helps you recollect visuals, numbers and precise tips, ideas and techniques pertaining to the game. The psychological integrity thus mastered in golf will go a long way in improving other aspects of your life beyond the course.

Playing on the best golf courses in Texas is not only fun, but also the best way to exercise your mind and body. From fitness perspective, golf is as good as any other sport like swimming, jogging or cycling. Happy golfing!

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