The Seven Tips which Can Make You A Pro Archer


Archery is an elegant sport and people who pursue it as a hobby or a passion have to be sharp in their minds and strong with their grips. Patience and concentration are the key to becoming an archery pro. One thing the person pursuing archery cannot lose is his focus. For the beginners archery isn’t an  expensive affair, but one needs to invest a few bucks when time comes.
There are several coaching institutions imparting knowledge on archery. One who teaches the beginners might just find his job too frustrating at times. This is because, it takes more than a hundred shots for one to get his aim correct and hit the ‘bull’s eye’. The following quick tips will help you on your endeavor.

Make the Correct Choice of Equipment

The bow and arrow an amateur chooses to start with, must be selected with due consideration. Since the person will not be habituated with a bow, he must choose a lightweight one, which can be carried and pulled easily. The re-curve bows are the best option for them. The weight can increase as you gain experience.

The Anchor Points

The anchor point is the place where an archer pulls his string back to every time. Commonly the index finger of the drawing hand, which will be placed just under the chin. The bowstring should be as close to your nose tip as possible. One might just try other anchor points and find out, which he is most comfortable with.

The Grip

the most common misconception is that people think it is necessary to hold the bow tightly, but it actually leads to lesser accuracy of the shot. Do not go for the Death Grip, as it will twist and rotate the bow as you take the stance. Thus, you need to hold the bow loosely and take a straight shot.

The Follow Through

Most beginner archers make the common mistake of lowering their hands as soon as they have made the shot. You must keep your eyes fixed on the target, head straight and hold your bow at aim for sometime after you have shot the arrow. Otherwise if you lower your bow to early, the arrow will move downward.

Keep Focus and Concentrate

As discussed earlier the key to a perfect shot for archery is concentration. Keep your focus and let it be sharp on the point of target. Aim at the target for at least 10 seconds with absolute concentration. This is the only way you can achieve an accurate shot.

Keep Your Cool

People who take things too seriously often fail to enjoy the game and as a result often fail to achieve the perfect shot in spited of playing grammatically correct. If you feel a bit tensed, take deep breathes and let it go. If your relaxed you can concentrate more on the game and the target.

Be Patient

Any sport be it archery or swimming; golf or chess, patience is a very crucial matter. While you are releasing your arrow you must be very patient.

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